Why choose Seaside Hypnosis?
Philosophy based on quality, integrity, commitment and service
Certified Innovator of guaranteed stop smoking program
Provider of governmental, corporate and institutional “butt-out” programs
100’s of smokers quit smoking forever from our Victoria office with our proprietary programs
Exclusively dedicated to clinical hypnosis
Board-certified, registered and licensed smoking-cessation specialists
Active member of over four professional organizations
First, and only, guaranteed, smoking cessation program on Vancouver Island
First, and only, single-session, smoking cessation hypnosis program on Vancouver Island
Therapy is natural, organic, non-invasive and has no known side effects
No chemicals, medications, needles or burning lasers
No nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, medication or inhalers
Ease of payment
You get results
Seaside Hypnosis Center is a client-centered clinical hypnotherapy facility located in Victoria, B.C. We are the parent company of The Quit Smoking Clinic, Vancouver Island’s Smoking Cessation Specialists and home of the only guaranteed quit smoking program on the island. Our companies are firmly based on a four-prong philosophy of quality, integrity, commitment and service. Seaside Hypnosis Center is a results-oriented organization and our programs are always developed with “excellence” in mind. Dedicated to our clients’ success and wellbeing, we help them obtain permanent, measureable changes in their lives. Our experienced hypnotherapists can hypnotize you in a safe, comfortable environment. They can help empower you to achieve massive, permanent change in a very short period of time. You can easily transform yourself with our proven techniques and do away with those negative feelings, habits, or unwanted conditions that have been a challenge to you for so many years. We can even help you quit smoking in a single session easily, effortlessly, while in a state of total relaxation! A survey by clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred A. Barrios revealed that while psychoanalysis had a 38% average recovery rate after 600 sessions, hypnotherapy had an amazing 93% average recovery rate after only 6 sessions! Hypnosis, or trance, is a natural part of the mind’s own “cleansing” cycle. The average person’s mind will experience a state of trance several times a day. Trance is as old as humankind itself, predating both Western and Eastern medicine. Mainstream medical think-tanks like the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School have been praising the benefits of hypnosis as a solid option for deep transformation for years. And Stanford University’s School of Medicine has courses on integrative medicine that teach new doctors about the benefits of partnerships between hypnosis and western medicine. Are you ready for real, permanent change? Then contact us and experience the “Seaside Hypnosis” difference. Let us know how we can serve you. For more information about hypnosis, our programs, or how hypnosis can benefit you, just sign up for “The Wave Newsletter”. If you are interested in more information regarding our guaranteed Smoking Cessation Program, click here for The Quit Smoking Clinic. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We hope you come back often.