States of trance are normal for all of us. These natural cycles allow the mind to “cleanse” itself of daily stresses, concerns and burdens. Other familiar terms for trance are ‘daydreaming’, ‘wandering mind’, or ‘driver’s trance’.

It is essential to know that in and out of trance you are always in full and complete control. We cannot make you go into trance, nor can we make you a non-smoker, however we can facilitate it for you. We are very good at what we do and have a very high success rate to back us up but what we do need is your full cooperation and acceptance. Without it you can prevent yourself from entering trance and therefore not receiving all that our session potentially holds for you. While in a trance state if ever anyone said something that did not resonate with you, even if you are in a very deep trance, you will come out of trance immediately, simply dismiss the suggestion, or possibly both.